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Find Accessories for Barbecues

Here you will find a range of different accessories to help you get the most out of your barbecue.

Here are some examples of popular barbecue accessories we have available:

  • BBQ Cooking & Cleaning Kit: This kit features a 5-piece stainless steel tool kit, a cleaning brush, and a 6-piece skewer and rack set.

  • BBQ Food Rack and Skewer Set: This set allows you to grill your skewers on the barbecue with ease with a special rack that keeps the skewers at an even distance from the grill.

  • Cotton Apron: Protect your clothing when preparing food and using your barbecue with this 100% cotton apron in black.

This accessory range is designed to be universal and can be used with any barbecue.

Products per page:
Cotton Apron - 50294687004
Protect your clothes in the kitchen and at the barbecue with this black 100% cotton apron.
Part number : 50294687004
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BBQ Food Rack and Skewer Set - 50291108004
This set allows you to grill your skewers with ease and avoiding food sticking to the grill. The rack keeps the skewers at a perfect dist...
Part number : 50291108004
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Products per page:

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