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Buttons & Switches for Cooker Hoods

The buttons and switches in your cooker hood help you operate the appliance, so it can get frustrating if they become damaged or go missing. Fortunately, the spare parts below are available to get your cooker hood fully operational again.

Some examples of buttons and switches that might be found in your cooker hood include:

  • Push Buttons: Typically connects to a push button control unit or printed circuit board. Simply press the button to activate each function.

  • Slider Buttons: Typically situated on the control panel. Simply slide the button to one side, or to a specific position.

  • Switches: Situated in the control panel of your cooker hood, and usually connected to slider buttons which are used to activate the various functions.

How do I find the correct buttons and switches for my cooker hood?

Enter your cooker hood’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is on the rating plate and is located inside your cooker hood behind the grease filter.

Products per page:
Cooker Hood Push Button Control Kit - 4055035630
These set of buttons are located on the control panel of your cooker hood. They are for controlling the fan speed and light.
Part number : 4055035630
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Cooker Hood Controls Assembly - 4055025698
This part can be considered the 'nerve centre' of your cooker hood. The PCB, which controls the electronic functions, and the light fitti...
Part number : 4055025698
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2 Watt Cooker Hood Control Panel Battery - 4055067955
This is the 2 watt battery that's located behind your cooker hoods control panel and ensures everything stays fully functional.
Part number : 4055067955
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Cooker Hood Control Panel with Lamp - 4055110110
Part number : 4055110110
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Cooker Hood Control Box Assembly - 3PH, 220 Volt - 4055128369
Part number : 4055128369
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Cooker Hood Microswitch Lever - 4055024972
If you're having difficulty controlling the microswitch function on your cooker hood, then it may be time to replace the lever - and this...
Part number : 4055024972
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Cooker Hood Control Box - 4055026498
If you've noticed some cracks or damage to your cookers hoods control box, then this replacement may be just what you need to get your ho...
Part number : 4055026498
See Details
Cooker Hood Control Unit - 4055057915
This unit contains the controls and buttons for selecting functions on your cooker hood. If yours is damaged, replace it to have your app...
Part number : 4055057915
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Cooker Hood Command Panel Kit - 4055016366
If your cooker hood is having some malfunctions, then it may be a problem with the circuit board not running the currents through to each...
Part number : 4055016366
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Cooker Hood Change-Over Switch - 50029012007
This change-over switch sits behind one of the slider buttons on the control panel of your cooker hood.
Part number : 50029012007
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Cooker Hood On / Off Switch - 50247190007
If you've got a faulty on/off switch in your cooker hood, it's likely you can't control the appliance. this new electric switch will ensu...
Part number : 50247190007
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Cooker Hood Control Box - 50248791001
The control box houses the switches in your cooker hood, keeping the electrical components safe and secure within your appliance. If your...
Part number : 50248791001
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Cooker Hood Control Panel Front - 50243618001
Cooker hood control panel switches looking worse for wear? This replacement control panel front sits in front of the programme control bo...
Part number : 50243618001
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Cooker Hood Push Button - 50239752004
Is a faulty push button preventing you from getting the most out of your cooker hood? This replacement push button simply installs within...
Part number : 50239752004
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Cooker Hood Control Panel Insert - 50242746001
This replacement fascia plate insert could have the control panel of your cooker hood looking like new again.
Part number : 50242746001
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Cooker Hood Knob - 50277584004
If the knobs on your cooker hood are cracked, burned or just worn out you can simply replace them and make your control panel look as goo...
Part number : 50277584004
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Cooker Hood Control Box Lower Part - 50274634000
This is the bottom half of the box which houses the controls of your cooker hood. If the control box becomes damaged, moisture and grease...
Part number : 50274634000
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Cooker Hood Knob - 50280880001
If the knob on your cooker hood needs replaced, this might be just the part you are looking for.
Part number : 50280880001
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Push Button Inner - 50281028006
There is one of these brass nickel push buttons located under each of the rubber button covers on the control panel of your cooker hood....
Part number : 50281028006
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Cooker Hood Push Button Assembly - 50277641002
When pushed against the control board, the push buttons instruct your cooker hood what to do. If you are missing one of the buttons, you ...
Part number : 50277641002
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Products per page:

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