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Vent Kits for Cooker Hoods

Vent kits are useful replacements as they contain all the elements needed to repair your cooker hood back to a good working condition.

Vent kits for cooker hoods usually contain the following items:

  • Hose: Allows an avenue for air to travel through as it filters through your cooker hood.

  • Connecting Flange: Creates a vent duct to allow the hose to be connected to your cooker hood.

  • Fixing Clamp: Ensures the hose is securely in place within your cooker hood.

How do I find the correct vent kit for my cooker hood?

Enter your cooker hood’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is on the rating plate and is located inside your cooker hood behind the grease filter.

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