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Find Electronics & Timers for Cookers, Ovens, and Hobs

The electronic components inside your cooker, oven, or hob control everything from input commands and temperature to timers and programme functions. They can consist of fuses, switches, circuit boards, or wiring harnesses.

Here are some examples of electronic parts for your cooker, oven, or hob.

  • Configured Circuit Board: This pre-configured printed circuit board controls the various electronic functions in your appliance.

  • Oven Terminal Block: The terminal block is an important component in delivering power to your appliance.

  • Cooker Electronic Timer: This electronic device allows you to control the timer functions in your appliance.

How do I find the correct electronic part for my cooker, oven, or hob?

Enter your cooker, oven, or hob’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.

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Fan Motor Thermal Cut-Out - 3872079029
Modern cookers are fitted with various safety-thermostats to stop the appliance from accidentally overheating and causing fire. While thi...
Part number : 3872079029
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White Timer Button - 3304630027
This replacement white button measures 20.3mm in length is for the timer controls on the control panel of your oven.
Part number : 3304630027
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Cooker Impulse Generator - 3570694020
This replacement part generates an electrical impulse to spark and ignite the gas in your oven. If yours is broken or faulty, it is possi...
Part number : 3570694020
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Cooker Mains Connection Box - 3879635005
This is the electrical box that the main cable fits into in your cooker. A faulty part could mean your cooker won't turn on, or it will b...
Part number : 3879635005
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Oven Flame Supervisory Device - 3590705020
The FSD is a safety device that ensures your oven won't fill up with gas if the main flame goes out during ignition. 
Part number : 3590705020
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Oven Timer Assembly - 3871260059
Monitor your cooking time with this replacement oven clock assembly, which is located on the control panel.
Part number : 3871260059
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Cooker Spark Generator - 5612313014
The spark generator box produces a small electrical charge to light the burners in your oven.
Part number : 5612313014
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Barbecue Main Burner Electrode - 53044444395
The electrode in your grill is connected to the main burner. After regular use of the appliance, the electrode may develop a grease build...
Part number : 53044444395
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Oven Input Module Switch - 3890737244
This part is the control module switch that sits behind the oven control knob on the control panel.
Part number : 3890737244
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Oven Terminal Block - 3110225012
A faulty terminal block could mean that one or more of the wires in your cooker are not connected properly to the power supply. Replacing...
Part number : 3110225012
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Cooker PCB - 3052366014
The printed circuit board controls the electronic functions of your cooker, if it develops a fault your appliance may completely lose fun...
Part number : 3052366014
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Cooker Spark Generator - 3112819036
The spark generator box produces a small electrical charge to light the burners in your oven.
Part number : 3112819036
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Top Oven Selector Switch - 3116606033
This selector switch sits behind the top oven function control knob on the control panel of your oven.
Part number : 3116606033
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Black Timer Button - 3550378024
This replacement black push button measures 29mm in length and is for the timer controls on the control panel of your oven.
Part number : 3550378024
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Oven Energy Regulator - 3150788234
If one of the hob burners on your cooker stopped heating up, you might have to replace the energy regulator. This single energy regulator...
Part number : 3150788234
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600mm Ignition Spark Plug - 3570698047
If your burners aren’t lightning, there might be a problem with the igniter. This ignition sparks plugs measures 600mm in length and will...
Part number : 3570698047
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Hob Ignition Spark Plug - 3570698096
If your hob won't spark properly or hold a flame then you could have a problem with the spark plug. This replacement measures 1700mm in l...
Part number : 3570698096
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Oven Programme Set - 3578579074
This electrical programmer unit allows you to select oven functions and temperature, and set the clock and timer. If yours is faulty it c...
Part number : 3578579074
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Induction Hob 4 Tap Input Board - 3871326017
This electronic board sits below the touch controls on your induction hob.
Part number : 3871326017
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