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Find Hob Parts for Your Appliance

This range of spare parts for your hob spans everything from pan support grids and hotplates to ceramic hob cooking tops.

If you’re in need of a spare hob part, here are some examples we have available:

  • Dual Hob Pan Support Grid: This double pan support sits on top of your gas hob and is constructed from cast iron.

  • Ceramic Hob Cooking Top Assembly: This complete ceramic hob cooking top assembly also includes a frame.

  • Triple Zone Radiant Heater: This replacement electric hotplate can be found on top of your hob.

How do I find the correct hob part for my appliance?

Enter your hob's Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.

Products per page:
Medium Hob Burner Cap - 3540006099
This replacement burner cap measures 71mm in diameter and is for the medium burner on your gas hob.
Part number : 3540006099
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Hob Pan Support Foot - 3490982018
This handy foot attaches to the bottom of the pan support grids to cushion them and stop them scratching the hob surface. This is a singl...
Part number : 3490982018
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Medium Burner Cover - 3531602211
The burner cover sits between the burner body and the crown, with the cap sitting right on top. This cover is for the medium sized burner...
Part number : 3531602211
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Black Hob Shock Damper - 50170722008
This small black buffer sits underneath the control panel of your hob and works as a shock damper.
Part number : 50170722008
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Gas Hob Connector Elbow - 3540029034
This is a replacement ½" connector elbow for your gas hob.
Part number : 3540029034
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1000 Watt Radiant Hotplate Heating Element - 145mm - 4006011946
Are you not making full use of your hob because of a faulty hotplate element? Then this spare is for you.Diameter: 145mm1000 watts...
Part number : 4006011946
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2000 Watt Hotplate Element - 3800163028
If one of the hotplates on your electric hob is no longer heating up properly, it can be replaced. This replacement element has the follo...
Part number : 3800163028
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Large Gas Hob Burner Crown - 3590391003
This replacement burner crown is for the large burner on your gas hob.
Part number : 3590391003
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1500W Hob Rapid Hotplate - 3890860046
If one of the hotplates on your electric hob is no longer heating up properly, it can be replaced. This replacement element has the follo...
Part number : 3890860046
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Hob Auxiliary Burner Cap - 4055072765
This cap sits atop of the smallest burner on your hob. If yours has been scratched or broken, it can be replaced to keep your cooker look...
Part number : 4055072765
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Hob Rubber Pan Support Kit - 4055179669
This kit contains 4 rubber feet to ensure the pan support rest evenly on your hob's worktop without scratching it.
Part number : 4055179669
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Novasil Silicone Adhesive - 80ml - 4071354783
This silicone adhesive comes in and 80ml tube and is resistant to high temperatures. Temperature resistance: -40 °C to +265 ...
Part number : 4071354783
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Hob Cooking Top - 5611980110
If you have dried in grease on your hob top that you can’t remove, or there are some scratches and you want to give your hob a facelift, ...
Part number : 5611980110
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Ceramic Hob Top - 5611981118
If you've got a crack or a few scratches on your hob, then this replacement ceramic hob top is an efficient way of restoring your cooker ...
Part number : 5611981118
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Hob Cooking Top - 590 x 520mm - 5611101113
Does your hob have scratches, cracks or soiled in grease stains? Either way, you can rest assured knowing you can replace it.Dimensions: ...
Part number : 5611101113
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Cooker Hob Installation Kit - 50296130003
This is an installation kit for your cooker hob. This kit contains 4 fixing brackets and will allow you to safely and securely connect yo...
Part number : 50296130003
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Medium Hob Burner Cap - 50273804000
Replace your old, damaged cooker burner caps and make your hob look like new. This cap is for the medium gas burner on your hob.
Part number : 50273804000
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Small Burner Cap - 50273802004
Replace your old, damaged cooker burner caps, and make your hob look like new. This is a small burner cap and it’s really easy to replace...
Part number : 50273802004
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