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Find Care & Maintenance Products for Microwave Ovens

Here you will find various cleaning and maintenance products to help your microwave oven look and perform its best every time.

Some examples of available care & maintenance products for your microwave oven include:

  • Microcare Microwave Oven Cleaner Spray: Keep the interior of your microwave oven clean and free of grease and food deposits with this cleaning spray.

  • Magic Sponge: This multi-surface sponge can be used on wood, stainless steel, plastic, glass, and ceramic to remove stains and food deposits.

  • Micro Wizard: Microfibre Cloth: This all-purpose reusable microfibre cleaning cloth ensures a polished cleaning result on any surface.

This care and maintenance range is designed to be universal and can be used with any microwave oven.

Products per page:
MICRO WIZARD Microfibre Cloth - 50289038007
An all purpose reusable microfibre cleaning cloth. Made of top-quality fibres, 250 times finer than a human hair, ensuring a deep cleanin...
Part number : 50289038007
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Magic Sponge - 9029792992
This sponge requires only water to clean tough stains from all manner of hard surfaces. It can be used on wood, stainless steel, plastic,...
Part number : 9029792992
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Microcare Microwave Cleaner 250ml - 9029793016
This cleaner removes burnt on food residues and grease easily from the microwave both internally and externally. It is effective against ...
Part number : 9029793016
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Products per page:

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