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Find Door Parts for Microwave Ovens

A damaged or broken microwave oven door can be very frustrating. Fortunately, these spare parts are available to get your door functioning properly once again.

Here are some examples of door spares available for your microwave oven:

  • Microwave Oven Outer Door Glass Panel: This is the outermost glass panel for your microwave oven door and allows you to see inside the appliance whilst cooking..

  • Oven Drop Down Door Hinge: This hinge allows your microwave oven door to open and close smoothly.

  • Microwave Door Locking Hook: This locking hook ensures that the door to your microwave oven is kept shut and locked securely.

How do I find the correct door part for my microwave oven?

Enter your microwave oven’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.

Products per page:
Microwave Door Handle - 4006069332
Is the handle on your microwave door loose or discoloured, or cracked off completely? Either way, the part is available to replace it and...
Part number : 4006069332
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Microwave Outer Door Glass - 4006093787
Have you got scratches on your outer microwave door glass due to years of hard cleaning? No worries, this replacement will get your appli...
Part number : 4006093787
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Microwave Metal Outer Door Assembly - 4006073599
Is your microwaves outer door discoloured or damaged, making it look old and worn? No need to worry, this replacement will give it the fa...
Part number : 4006073599
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Microwave Internal Door - 4055104881
Is the internal door for your microwave oven built up with grease and food stains, making it difficult to view inside? If so, this replac...
Part number : 4055104881
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Microwave Oven Door Front - 4055111738
If you were cleaning your microwaves front door and it's dropped and smashed, then you'll be needing a new spare to get your appliance lo...
Part number : 4055111738
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Microwave Door Latch - 4055172995
Does your microwave door keep popping open, making it difficult for you to heat your food? No need to worry, this replacement door latch ...
Part number : 4055172995
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Microwave Outer Door Frame - 50285828005
Is the outer door on your microwave dented, damaged or discoloured, making it look worn or causing hot air to escape? No need to worry, t...
Part number : 50285828005
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Inner Microwave Door Frame - 4006016549
Is your microwaves inner door frame damaged making it difficult for it to shut and also letting heat escape? Then this replacement is for...
Part number : 4006016549
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Microwave Inner Door Framing Seal - 4006016564
This is the inner frame seal for your microwave door. If you've noticed yours is cracked or loose, then the hot air may be escaping; fort...
Part number : 4006016564
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Inox Cooker Door Handle - 3304848009
If you have managed to snap the door handle off your oven, there is no need to buy a new appliance. This replacement inox door handle wil...
Part number : 3304848009
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Microwave Oven Door Opening Button - 4006077525
If you've broken the release button for your microwave, opening the door can be an absolutely nightmare. Keep cooking and heating with ea...
Part number : 4006077525
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Microwave Door Assembly - 4055015400
Whether your current door is discoloured, loose, cracked or dented, you can replace it to get your microwave looking and functioning as n...
Part number : 4055015400
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Microwave Oven Complete Door Assembly - 4055015426
If you have managed to damage a few parts on your microwave's door, this assembly easily replaces the whole door so you can get back to c...
Part number : 4055015426
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Complete Microwave Door Assembly - 4055015434
This is the complete door assembly for your microwave. It's an ideal replacement if you've got built-up grease on the inner door, cracks ...
Part number : 4055015434
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Black Oven Door Handle End Cap - 3193075003
Is your oven door handle bracket split, causing the handle to loosen away from the door? No need to worry, with this replacement part you...
Part number : 3193075003
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Black Plastic Oven Door Handle - 3370680054
By replacing that old, loose or snapped door handle you will be saving yourself a struggle each time you feel like baking.This handle is ...
Part number : 3370680054
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Door Handle Left Hand Bracket - 3155713047
This black spacer sits between the door handle and the door itself. It fits in the left hand position.
Part number : 3155713047
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Oven Door Handle - 3370680047
If you're struggling to open your oven due to a loose or cracked door handle, get yourself cooking at ease again with this replacement pa...
Part number : 3370680047
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Door Handle Right Hand Bracket - 3155713054
This black spacer sits between the door handle and the door itself. It fits in the right hand position.
Part number : 3155713054
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Products per page:

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