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Find Electronic Parts for Microwave Ovens

The electronic components inside your microwave oven control everything from input commands and power to timers and programme functions. They can consist of fuses, capacitors, circuit boards, or wiring harnesses.

Here are some examples of electronic parts available for your microwave oven.

  • Configured Circuit Board: This pre-configured printed circuit board controls the various electronic functions in your microwave oven.

  • Microwave Oven Magnetron: The magnetron is the device that is responsible for generating the microwaves which cook your food.

  • Microwave Oven High Voltage Capacitor: Used to provide your motor with enough power to kickstart your appliance.

How do I find the correct electronic part for my microwave oven?

Enter your microwave oven’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.

Products per page:
Microwave Roller Shaft - 4006028478
This is the rotating drive shaft that fits into the turntable motor in your microwave. If your part is loose or damaged, and the plate is...
Part number : 4006028478
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Inox Microwave Button - 4006078853
A missing button on your microwave can make it difficult to choose the functions that you desire. This replacement push button will have ...
Part number : 4006078853
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Microwave Turntable Motor - 4006030425
If the glass turntable in your microwave isn't rotating, then its likely you need to replace the motor.
Part number : 4006030425
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Microwave Magnetron - 4055099040
The magnetron is the very heart of your microwave. It produces microwaves, which vibrate the water molecules in the food, causing it to h...
Part number : 4055099040
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Microwave LED Cluster - 4055112074
This is the triple LED set for your microwave that allows you to digitally view the selected time and settings.
Part number : 4055112074
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Microwave 8A Fuse - 4071373072
This is a replacement 8 amp fuse for your microwave oven. If the fuse in yours has blown, this could be just the replacement you're looki...
Part number : 4071373072
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12.5A Microwave Fuse - 4071373056
This fuse is located in the part of the door lock which sits inside the frame of your microwave.
Part number : 4071373056
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Microwave 10 Amp Fuse - 4071373064
If the fuse in your microwave has blown and is causing malfunctions, then this replacement 10 amp part is the perfect spare to fix that....
Part number : 4071373064
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Microwave Push Button Assembly - 50280506002
This is the push button panel on your microwave. If some of your buttons have popped off, or the read holder has come loose, this is the ...
Part number : 50280506002
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Microwave Grill Heater - 50280685004
If the grill function in your combination microwave has stopped heating up, one of the most common causes is a faulty heating element....
Part number : 50280685004
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Combi Microwave Heating Element - 50275239007
If the oven function of your combination microwave oven has stop heating up, one of the most common causes is a faulty heating element....
Part number : 50275239007
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Microwave Oven Selector Button - 4006046652
Make sure you can control every function on your microwave oven with this replacement control button.
Part number : 4006046652
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Microwave Control Panel - 4006069399
Is your control panel tarnished or dented, causing your microwave to look worn and old? With this replacement your appliance will be look...
Part number : 4006069399
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12 Amp Microwave Fine Fuse - 4006028262
Has the fuse in your microwave oven sparked out and blown? This replacement part will have your appliance working like new again.
Part number : 4006028262
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Microwave Upper Heating Element - 4006093969
If the oven function in your combination microwave has stopped heating up, one of the most common causes is a faulty heating element. Thi...
Part number : 4006093969
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Microwave Oven Door Opening Button - 4006077525
If you've broken the release button for your microwave, opening the door can be an absolutely nightmare. Keep cooking and heating with ea...
Part number : 4006077525
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Microwave Oven Magnetron - 3961120007
The magnetron in your microwave is an essential part to get the food heated up properly. It produces micro-waves, which pulse the moistur...
Part number : 3961120007
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Microwave Oven Electronics Module - 50289111002
Are the electrical features on your microwave not working properly or at all? It could mean that the electronics module is faulty and wil...
Part number : 50289111002
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