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Find Housing Parts for Microwave Ovens

Damaged housing can affect the usability and appearance of your appliance. Fortunately, these replacement parts are available to help your microwave oven look and work its best again.

Here are some examples of spare housing parts for your microwave oven:

  • Microwave Support Foot: Ensure that your microwave oven is securely supported and stable with this replacement support foot.

  • Microwave Oven Inner Door Frame: The frame is located on the inner section of your microwave oven door.

  • Microwave Oven Spacer Set: This forms part of the fixing brackets set which allows you to mount your microwave oven into existing kitchen furniture.

How do I find the correct housing part for my microwave oven?

Enter your microwave oven’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.


Products per page:
Microwave Motor Holder Screw - 4006077541
If the turntable motor in your microwave is exposed to greases and dust due to the under holder being loose, then it may be time you repl...
Part number : 4006077541
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Microwave Leg - 4055015517
This is the leg that fits underneath your microwave and supports it. It also prevents the underneath of your appliance overheating and bu...
Part number : 4055015517
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Microwave Inner Door Frame - 4055059002
If your microwaves inner door frame is cracked, causing hot air to escape and your foods to take longer to cook, then this replacement fr...
Part number : 4055059002
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Oven Door Fixing Screw - M4X55 - 4055111696
If your oven door doesn't feel as secured together as it normally does, and there's noticeable differences in the fixings, it sounds like...
Part number : 4055111696
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Microwave Top Panel - 4055127064
This panel is part of the chassis of your combi microwave, it covers the top of the appliance.
Part number : 4055127064
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Microwave Door Latch - 4055015616
Does your microwave door keep popping open, making it difficult for you to heat your food? No need to worry, this replacement door latch ...
Part number : 4055015616
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Microwave Oven Front Door Frame - 4055036828
Is your microwaves front door frame cracked or discoloured, making your appliance look old and worn? No need to worry, with this replacem...
Part number : 4055036828
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Aluminium Oven Door Handle - 8996619266431
Save yourself a struggle opening your oven door by replacing that loose door handle.Colour: Aluminium
Part number : 8996619266431
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Microwave Oven Circular Wire Grill Grid - 4006069373
If you're after a wire grill grid to replace your old, tarnished, dented one, then this is the replacement for you.
Part number : 4006069373
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Black Microwave Front Frame - 4006073557
Is front frame of your microwave cracked? Or is it looking a bit worn from years of use? This replacement black front frame may be exactl...
Part number : 4006073557
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Microwave Roller Ring - 4006093621
If the roller ring in your microwave is damaged or the wheels are jammed, then this is the replacement part to get your plate rotating as...
Part number : 4006093621
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Microwave Oven Heating Element Holder - 4006093993
Ensure the heating element is held in place from the front and able to function properly with this replacement front holder.
Part number : 4006093993
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Microwave Door Inner Upper Protection Strip - 4055015541
Part number : 4055015541
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Microwave Door Inner Vertical Protection Strip - 4055015558
Part number : 4055015558
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Microwave Door Protection Foil - 4055015590
If there's a hole in your microwave foil, it could be harmful to the cooking process. The foil is used to eliminate microwave radiation, ...
Part number : 4055015590
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Oven Door Handle Fixing Screw - 3371080015
A loose oven door handle can make it difficult for you to open the door. Something as simple as replacing the screws could fix that for y...
Part number : 3371080015
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Microwave Start/Stop Lever - 8996619174189
When pressed back, this lever activates your microwave. If your existing one is broken, you can replace it.
Part number : 8996619174189
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Products per page:

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