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Door Parts, Handles, and Hinges for Dishwashers

A damaged or broken dishwasher door can be very frustrating. Fortunately, these spare parts are available to get your door functioning properly once again.

Here are some examples of door spares for your dishwasher:

How do I find the correct door part for my Dishwasher?

Enter your dishwasher’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is on the rating plate and is located on the inside of your dishwasher door.



Products per page:
Silver Dishwasher Outer Door - 1170154304
This is the outer panel for your dishwasher door. It is manufactured in silver colour and measures 600 x 590mm.
Part number : 1170154304
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Inox Dishwasher Outer Door - 1170154718
Are dents and scratches making your dishwashers door look worn down? No need to worry, this replacement inox outer part will have your ap...
Part number : 1170154718
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Dishwasher Control Panel Handle Spring - 1170428005
If the spring in the control panel handle of your dishwasher has become bent or uncoiled, this replacement spring may be just what you ne...
Part number : 1170428005
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Inox Dishwasher Lever Handle - 1172122101
Save yourself the struggle opening your dishwasher with the damaged handle and replace it with this new inox one.
Part number : 1172122101
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Dishwasher Inner Door Plastic Rivet - 1170109001
This plastic rivet is for securing the inner part of your dishwasher door to the outer part.
Part number : 1170109001
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Dishwasher Door Template - 1170632036
If you are in need of a new template for your dishwasher door, this could be the part for you.
Part number : 1170632036
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White Dishwasher Door Handle - 1170263014
After constantly opening and closing the door of your dishwasher, the plastic door handle may break or crack. This white handle is a perf...
Part number : 1170263014
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Dishwasher Control Panel Handle - 1170391203
This is a replacement handle that sits in your dishwasher's control panel. If you've been having trouble opening and closing your dishwas...
Part number : 1170391203
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Dishwasher Door Spring - 1172509000
If you are struggling with opening and closing the doors of your dishwasher, this might be the part you are after. Working with the hinge...
Part number : 1172509000
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Dishwasher Door Handle - 1170263212
A broken door handle on your dishwasher can make it tricky, if not impossible, to open and close the door. Luckily they are replaceable....
Part number : 1170263212
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Stainless Steel Dishwasher Door Handle - 1112112121
After constantly opening and closing the door of your dishwasher, the door handle may break or crack. This stainless steel finish handle ...
Part number : 1112112121
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Dishwasher Door Lock Kit - 4055260329
The door lock ensures that your dishwasher door is kept shut and locked securely. The door must remain locked to prevent opening during t...
Part number : 4055260329
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Dishwasher Door Hinge Spring - 50658281006
If the spring from either of your dishwasher's door hinges have become bent or broken, it can cause the door to fall to the ground if not...
Part number : 50658281006
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Dishwasher Door Hinge Spring - 50659094002
If the spring for your dishwasher door hinge has become broken or bent out of shape, your dishwasher door may drop down when opened. This...
Part number : 50659094002
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Dishwasher Programme Knob Shaft - 8996452406805
Ensure you're in control of the programme unit in your dishwasher by replacing the cracked knob shaft locking that's selecting all differ...
Part number : 8996452406805
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Dishwasher Elongation - 8996461240963
This is part of the mechanism that prevents your dishwasher door from falling down when the latch is open.
Part number : 8996461240963
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Dishwasher Upper Basket Side Handle - 8996461749765
If you've tugged the handle on your upper dishwasher basket and caused the clips to snap, then this is the replacement for you. It clips ...
Part number : 8996461749765
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Dishwasher Door Stopper - 8996461791361
This is the plastic stopper that is located on the upper section of your dishwasher. If yours has gone missing, or is snapped, this spare...
Part number : 8996461791361
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Dishwasher Catch Bracket - 8996461945405
This is a replacement catch bracket for your dishwasher. If your catch bracket has become bent, rusted, or broken, this spare part could ...
Part number : 8996461945405
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Dishwasher Door Handle Spring - 1171020009
Is your dishwasher handle loose, causing problems with opening the door? You may have a damaged spring. With this replacement part your m...
Part number : 1171020009
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Products per page:

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