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Electronic Parts for Dishwashers

The electronic components inside your dishwasher control everything from input commands and water pressure to door lock mechanisms and programme functions. They can consist of valves, switches, circuit boards, or wiring harnesses.

Here are some examples of electronic parts for your dishwasher:

  • Pressure Switch: This part is responsible for monitoring the water pressure inside your dishwasher to prevent your appliance from overflowing.

  • Electronic Fill Valve: This valve controls the volume of water filling your dishwasher.  

  • Configured PCB: This printed circuit board controls the various electronic functions in your dishwasher.  

How do I find the correct electronic part for my dishwasher?

Enter your dishwasher’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is on the rating plate and is located on the inside of your dishwasher door.



Products per page:
Dishwasher Level Pressure Switch - 1528189028
This pressure switch measures the amount of water which fills your dishwasher.
Part number : 1528189028
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Dishwasher Support Pressure Sensor - 1119495008
If the support pressure sensor inside your dishwasher has started to malfunction, you can simply get it replaced. This spare part will ha...
Part number : 1119495008
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Dishwasher Pressure Switch - 1110994728
This switch is also known as a pressostat and is used to prevent your dishwasher from overfilling. If you've got a faulty part it could b...
Part number : 1110994728
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Dishwasher On/Off Switch Kit - 4055141628
This kit contains the push button, fixing clamp and module needed to change a broken on/off switch on your dishwasher.
Part number : 4055141628
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Dishwasher Pressure Switch - 4071362901
Pressure switches, or pressostats as they are also know, are used to control the amount of water that enters the appliance preventing ove...
Part number : 4071362901
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Dishwasher 3 Button Keyboard - 50275493000
This complete keyboard sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher and includes the 3 push button unit plus the holder.
Part number : 50275493000
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Dishwasher Capacitor - 8996461337306
The capacitor is an essential part for the functioning of your dishwasher. Motors won't start on their own so capacitors are used as a bo...
Part number : 8996461337306
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Dishwasher Reed Switch with Adaptor - 4071330650
A faulty reed switch in your dishwasher could affect the flow of the water and the rinse-aid unit; fortunately this spare is available to...
Part number : 4071330650
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Dishwasher Configured Electronic Circuit Board - 973911235161024
Are you having difficulties with the electronic features on your dishwasher? This could mean that the circuit board is faulty and it will...
Part number : 973911235161024
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Dishwasher Air Valve - 8996464027532
This replacement air valve is for the diffuser in your dishwasher.
Part number : 8996464027532
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Dishwasher Configured Circuit Board - 973911338119010
Replacing the worn, sparked out circuit board in your dishwasher saves a lot of energy compared to replacing the complete appliance. This...
Part number : 973911338119010
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Dishwasher Configured Circuit Board - 973911539006016
If your dishwasher isn't performing its functions as selected, or standard settings aren’t running as normal, it could be a fault with yo...
Part number : 973911539006016
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Dishwasher Configured Electronic Control - 973911235075000
The control board in your dishwasher is an essential part to have working. It controls and sends signals to the electronic parts of your ...
Part number : 973911235075000
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Dishwasher Configured Circuit Board - 973911235326007
If the electrical components in your dishwasher are working, but the machine refuses to start up, the circuit board may not be reading th...
Part number : 973911235326007
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Dishwasher Configured Electronic Board - 973911236185014
If your dishwasher has started to malfunction, there could be a simple explanation. The electronic board within your dishwasher controls ...
Part number : 973911236185014
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Dishwasher Electronic Control Unit - 1110994892
If your dishwasher doesn't function as it used to, and it's not selecting certain settings, then you may have a problem with the main ele...
Part number : 1110994892
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Dishwasher PCB - 1111423065
The electronic module is the brain of your dishwasher. The module can be programmed using buttons (sold separately) on the front of the d...
Part number : 1111423065
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Dishwasher Electronic Input Module - 1111423255
The electronic is the brains behind your dishwasher, controlling the electronic functions. Replacing a faulty module could have your dish...
Part number : 1111423255
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Dishwasher Display PCB Assembly - 1111424337
This display board assembly sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher. The buttons on the control panel are pushed against this bo...
Part number : 1111424337
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Dishwasher Display PCB Assembly - 1111425714
This display board assembly sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher. If your PCB is malfunctioning, this replacement part could ...
Part number : 1111425714
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Products per page:

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