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Knobs & Controls for Dishwashers

Broken or missing controls can prevent you from operating your dishwasher properly. Here you will find everything from control panels and switches to knobs and push buttons so you may retake control of your appliance.

Some examples of popular knobs & controls include:

  • Control Panel: This panel houses the knobs and push buttons that allow you to operate your dishwasher.

  • Push Button: These buttons operate the various dishwasher settings and insert into your control panel.  

  • Programme Indicator: This part fits around the programme selector control knob and indicates which setting you’re currently using.  

How do I find the correct knob or control part for my dishwasher?

Enter your dishwasher’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is on the rating plate and is located on the inside of your dishwasher door.


Products per page:
Inox Dishwasher Lever Handle - 1172122101
Save yourself the struggle opening your dishwasher with the damaged handle and replace it with this new inox one.
Part number : 1172122101
See Details
Dishwasher On/Off Switch Button - 1118342011
If you are worried about how your dishwasher looks due to a lost or broken button, just simply replace it to have your appliance looking ...
Part number : 1118342011
See Details
Dishwasher Lamp Microswitch - 1170119034
This switch controls the power going to the lamp in your dishwasher. If yours has broken, it luckily can be replaced.
Part number : 1170119034
See Details
White Dishwasher Door Handle - 1170263014
After constantly opening and closing the door of your dishwasher, the plastic door handle may break or crack. This white handle is a perf...
Part number : 1170263014
See Details
Dishwasher Control Panel Handle - 1170391203
This is a replacement handle that sits in your dishwasher's control panel. If you've been having trouble opening and closing your dishwas...
Part number : 1170391203
See Details
Dishwasher Door Handle - 1170263212
A broken door handle on your dishwasher can make it tricky, if not impossible, to open and close the door. Luckily they are replaceable....
Part number : 1170263212
See Details
Stainless Steel Dishwasher Door Handle - 1112112121
After constantly opening and closing the door of your dishwasher, the door handle may break or crack. This stainless steel finish handle ...
Part number : 1112112121
See Details
Dishwasher On/Off Switch Kit - 4055141628
This kit contains the push button, fixing clamp and module needed to change a broken on/off switch on your dishwasher.
Part number : 4055141628
See Details
Dishwasher 3 Button Keyboard - 50275493000
This complete keyboard sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher and includes the 3 push button unit plus the holder.
Part number : 50275493000
See Details
Dishwasher On/Off Switch - 50287473008
This is a push button switch unit for turning your dishwasher on and off.
Part number : 50287473008
See Details
Dishwasher Knob - 8996452822506
If the knobs on your dishwasher are cracked, broken or just worn out you can simply replace them and make your control panel look as good...
Part number : 8996452822506
See Details
Dishwasher Programme Knob - 8996452822605
There's no need to put up with broken control knobs, replacements are simple to fit and could have your dishwasher looking and working li...
Part number : 8996452822605
See Details
Dishwasher Timer Knob Hub Shaft - 8996461727605
If your inner timer knob shaft is cracked or broken, this is the part you need. It sits behind the timer knob on the control panel of you...
Part number : 8996461727605
See Details
White Oven Control Knob - 3154200004
Broken or melted control knobs can make it difficult for you to function your oven. Fortunately, replacements are available to get you ba...
Part number : 3154200004
See Details
Dishwasher Red Pilot Light - 50286226001
This small red indicator lamp sits behind the control panel of your dishwasher.
Part number : 50286226001
See Details
Dishwasher Microswitch - 1118010014
This dishwasher microswitch is associated with the dishwasher lamp. If the lamp is not working this may need replacing.
Part number : 1118010014
See Details
White Dishwasher Push Button - 1118061017
This push button is manufactured in white colour and controls the main switch of your dishwasher.
Part number : 1118061017
See Details
Dishwasher Main Switch Push Button - 1118061082
This is the push in button for the mains switch located behind the control panel.
Part number : 1118061082
See Details
Dishwasher Push Button Cap - 1118061512
This is the left hand replacement push button cap for the control unit on your dishwasher. If yours has popped off and is missing, this i...
Part number : 1118061512
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Products per page:

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