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Seals for Dishwashers

Seals, or gaskets as they as are sometimes referred to, provide a water-tight barrier between your dishwasher parts to prevent leakages and water damage.

There are many types of seal available for your dishwasher. Here are some examples of common seals and where they can be found in your appliance:

  • Door Seal: This gasket can be found around the door of your appliance and provides a seal between the door and the dishwasher cabinet.

  • Inlet Valve Seal: This gasket provides a seal between the inlet valve and fill hose.  

  • Front Pump Seal: This gasket can be found at the front of the impeller in your dishwasher pump.  

How do I find the correct seal for my dishwasher?

Enter your dishwasher’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is on the rating plate and is located on the inside of your dishwasher door.



Products per page:
Dishwasher Drainage Channel Seal - 1172041004
If this gasket is worn or damaged, there will be water leaking where the water supply at the back of your dishwasher cavity connects with...
Part number : 1172041004
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Dishwasher Rising Tube Seal - 8996461237902
This gasket is for sealing the join between the rising tube and the upper spray arm drainage channel.
Part number : 8996461237902
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Dishwasher Drain Pipe Nozzle Set - 1110991922
This is the nozzle that fits above the sprayer seal in your dishwasher. If yours is cracked or blocked, it can mess around the water pres...
Part number : 1110991922
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Dishwasher Drain Pump Seal - 4071305439
If you've noticed a leak coming from your drain pump, but you can’t see any cracks, there may be a split in the gasket or it could be wor...
Part number : 4071305439
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Dishwasher Wheel Support Seal - 50232857008
This is a replacement seal for the basket wheel support, located inside your dishwasher tub.
Part number : 50232857008
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Gasket Kit - Pack of 10 - 50277295007
This kit for dishwashers includes 10x sealing gaskets.
Part number : 50277295007
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Dishwasher Motor Sealing Kit - 50248331006
This is a replacement set to ensure your dishwasher motor is always running at top performance. This kit includes: 1 x impeller screw 1 ...
Part number : 50248331006
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Dishwasher Lamp Cover Seal - 8996461406507
Inside your household dishwasher is a light bulb, with a round glass cover. The gasket sits behind this lamp cover, creating a seal which...
Part number : 8996461406507
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Dishwasher O-Ring - 8996464027581
This replacement seal is located at the bottom part of the container cup in your dishwasher.
Part number : 8996464027581
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Dishwasher Blower Gasket - 4006077194
This replacement seal is for the blower fan in your dishwasher that dries the dishes.
Part number : 4006077194
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Dishwasher Drain Pump O-Ring - 8996464027623
This O-ring seal can be found between the drain pump and its housing in your dishwasher. Rubber seals cam wear out over long period of ti...
Part number : 8996464027623
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Dishwasher Water Sump Gasket - 50658826008
The water sump is located beneath the filters at the base of your dishwasher. This round gasket ensures a watertight seal between the sum...
Part number : 50658826008
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Dishwasher Thermostat Seal - 1118566007
This seal is for the thermostat in your dishwasher. Over time it can perish and crack, causing leakages.
Part number : 1118566007
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Dishwasher Diffuser Seal - 8996464027557
This seal sits between the blower and its grid, inside your dishwasher.
Part number : 8996464027557
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Dishwasher Nut Seal - 1522802006
This small gasket is located by the water distributer nut in the upper ducting of your dishwasher.
Part number : 1522802006
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Dishwasher Upper Door Seal - 1530237021
If your dishwasher is leaking from the front it is probably due to a damaged or perished door gasket. In a dishwasher there are two door ...
Part number : 1530237021
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Dishwasher Side Sealing - 1595mm - 1531182101
This is the side outer seal for your dishwasher. It measures 1595mm in length and is a perfect replacement for your split, loose or worn ...
Part number : 1531182101
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Dishwasher Water Sump Seal - 1522414026
This gasket is positioned underneath the main circular filter of your dishwasher. It prevents water from leaking into vital electrical co...
Part number : 1522414026
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Dishwasher Lamp Holder Seal - 1115963116
The lamp holder gasket provides a watertight seal between the lamp holder and bulb cover in your dishwasher.
Part number : 1115963116
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Products per page:

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