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Find Electronic Parts for Fridges & Freezers

The electronic components inside your fridge or freezer control everything from power settings and temperatures to defrost timers and display functions. They can consist of capacitors, switches, circuit boards, or wiring harnesses.

Here are some examples of available electronic parts for your fridge or freezer.

  • Freezer Temperature Display: This electronic display unit is located at the top of the freezer, next to the thermostat control knob.

  • Fridge / Freezer Running Capacitor: The running capacitor provides the motor with enough power to kick-start your appliance.

  • Refrigerator Mains Cable: A vital component to deliver electricity to your appliance. This replacement mains cable will restore power to your refrigerator.

How do I find the correct electronic part for my fridge or freezer?

Enter your fridge or freezer’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate, which is located inside the cabinet of your refrigerator or fridge/freezer, and under the lid on your chest freezer.


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Freezer Display - 2063987099
This display can be found at the very top front of your freezer. It comes complete with three coloured signal lamps.
Part number : 2063987099
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Fridge/Freezer Transformer - 2080141035
Having a faulty transformer means the require electrical current to run your appliance is probably not going to run through the magnetron...
Part number : 2080141035
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Fridge / Freezer Complete PCB - 2082948320
This printed circuit board controls many of the electrical functions of your fridge and freezer. Replacing a faulty PCB could have your a...
Part number : 2082948320
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Refrigerator Control Unit Housing - 2082503018
This is the plastic housing that fits behind the control panel of your refrigerator and houses the electrical switches.
Part number : 2082503018
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Refrigerator Terminal Block - 2100091012
This part protects the motor from any harmful power surges that may happen in your appliance.
Part number : 2100091012
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Fridge Freezer Main PCB - 2147188276
The printed circuit board is the brains behind your fridge freezer, controlling its electronic functions. Replacing a faulty PCB could ha...
Part number : 2147188276
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Freezer Terminal Box Base - 2230207561
This small piece can be found underneath the kick strip of your refrigerator.
Part number : 2230207561
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Freezer Complete PCB - 2086154057
The printed circuit board is the brains behind your freezer, controlling the electronic functions. Replacing a faulty PCB could have your...
Part number : 2086154057
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Refrigerator Conductor - 2086034028
This conductor cable serves the electronic PCB (printed circuit board) of your refrigerator.
Part number : 2086034028
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Fridge / Freezer Defrost Heater - 2142142054
If the food in your fridge / freezer is spoiling early, you may have to replace the defrost heater. The defrost heater in your appliance ...
Part number : 2142142054
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Refrigerator PCB - 2085692016
This printed circuit board controls many of the electrical functions of your fridge. If the PCB fails, your appliance may completely lose...
Part number : 2085692016
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Freezer Magnetic Valve - 2087157042
Magnetic valves are used in a cooling cycle as an energy saving option. It closes the cooling circuit when the compressor switches off so...
Part number : 2087157042
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Refrigerator Circuit Board - 2087576027
The circuit board in any appliance is the key to keeping it fully functional. If the board is faulty, the signals for settings may be inc...
Part number : 2087576027
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Freezer Condenser Distance Piece - 2230112027
This spacer sits between the condenser and the back panel of your freezer. It’s manufactured in white colour and measures 45mm in length....
Part number : 2230112027
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Freezer PCB - 2082948650
This printed circuit board (PCB) controls many of the electrical functions of your freezer. If the PCB fails, your freezer may completely...
Part number : 2082948650
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Freezer Complete PCB Assembly - 2082948841
Are you finding that the electrical features on your fridge are not working properly or at all? Usually this means there is a fault with ...
Part number : 2082948841
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Freezer Printed Circuit Board - 2082948882
If the electrical features of your freezer are failing, usually this means the circuit board is faulty. Replacing the PCB could be just w...
Part number : 2082948882
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Fridge / Freezer Flat Cable - 2085026017
If the flat cable for your fridge/freezer has become worn-down or split, you can simply have it replaced. This spare part will have your ...
Part number : 2085026017
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Freezer Running Capacitor - 2003618986
If the motor in your freezer is having difficulty starting up, you may have a problem with your running capacitor. This replacement runni...
Part number : 2003618986
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Refrigerator Heating Element - 2042681011
If the food in your fridge / freezer is getting frozen or spoiled, you may have to replace the heating element. The heater in your applia...
Part number : 2042681011
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