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Find Feet & Housing Parts for Fridges & Freezers

Damaged feet or housing can affect the stability and appearance of your appliance. Fortunately, these replacement parts are available to help your fridge or freezer look its best again.

Here are some examples of feet and housing parts we have available for your fridge or freezer:

  • Freezer Foot: This replacement foot for your upright freezer will keep your appliance level and stable.

  • Refrigerator Kickplate: This ventilation grid can be found at the bottom of your refrigerator and allows air to air to be circulated.

  • Fridge / Freezer Work Top: Replace your dented or discoloured panel with this spare part, which can be found at the top of your appliance.

How do I find the correct feet or housing part for my fridge or freezer?

Enter your fridge or freezer’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate, which is located inside the cabinet of your refrigerator or fridge/freezer, and under the lid on your chest freezer.


Products per page:
Front Fridge Support - 2419930017
This support can be found inside your fridge. It sits at the bottom front section of the appliance and supports the shelves which cover t...
Part number : 2419930017
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Refrigerator Black Pedal Support - 960018125
This black support holds the pedal securely in place at the bottom of your fridge. If yours is broken or damaged, it is possible to repla...
Part number : 960018125
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Fridge / Freezer Door Handle - 4006034013
A broken fridge or freezer door handle can be very frustrating; luckily it’s an easy part to replace. This replacement vertical handle ca...
Part number : 4006034013
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Fridge / Freezer Door Screw Cover Cap - 4055179388
If you have lost or broken the screw cover cap for your fridge/freezer door, this replacement part may be the solution for you. Easy to i...
Part number : 4055179388
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White Fridge Bottom Cover - 4055149522
This white plastic cover is located on the front of your fridge, at the very bottom below the door. If you’ve cracked or broken this cove...
Part number : 4055149522
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Refrigerator Hinge Set - 4071314258
Hinges on your refrigerator door are heavily used parts, which can eventually wear out, leading to wasted energy and money. Make sure you...
Part number : 4071314258
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Fridge / Freezer Complete Valve Unit - 4055258190
This valve unit is found within the water dispenser of your refrigerator. It helps move water around the appliance correctly.
Part number : 4055258190
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Refreshment Centre Ice Cube Container - 50289656006
This is a replacement ice cube container for your refreshment centre unit. If you have cracked or broken your ice cube container, this sp...
Part number : 50289656006
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Fridge Water Distributor Valve - 2425365042
This valve is for dispensing chilled filtered water from your fridge water distributor.
Part number : 2425365042
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Refrigerator Water Retainer Bezel - 2425248065
If the bezel plate for the water retainer in the water distributor unit of your refrigerator is looking worn and tired, you can simply ha...
Part number : 2425248065
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Refrigerator Shelf Guide Rail Castor - 2425376015
This castor is for the shelf guide rails at the bottom of your refrigerator and allows your shelf to slide smoothly in and out. If your h...
Part number : 2425376015
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Fridge / Freezer Air Ventilation Grid - 2426438012
This ventilation grid sits in front of the evaporator tray in your fridge / freezer. It’s manufactured in white plastic and allows air to...
Part number : 2426438012
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Refrigerator Plinth Bezel - 2426520124
This is a replacement bezel for the plinth on the base of your refrigerator. If your bezel has broken or become damaged and is causing th...
Part number : 2426520124
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Right Hand Freezer Front Panel Cover - 2426650079
The square cover fits on the right hand end of the control panel on your freezer.
Part number : 2426650079
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Silver Refrigerator Ventilation Grid - 2433334048
This is the lower full width part of your fridge freezer. It's gridded to allow for ventilation and also acts as a kick plate.
Part number : 2433334048
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Right Hand Control Panel Bezel - 2634001180
This replacement white plastic bezel is for the right hand side of the control panel on your appliance.
Part number : 2634001180
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Grey Refrigerator Ventilation Grid - 2087571051
This air vent grid is situated at the bottom of your refrigerator and ensures that air is properly circulated and vented as well as actin...
Part number : 2087571051
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Left Hand Freezer Flap Bearing - 8996751303901
This simple pivot keeps the plastic flap securely attached to the top of your freezer, allowing smooth opening and closing. This bearing ...
Part number : 8996751303901
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Fridge / Freezer Ventilation Grille - 2088868035
This ventilation grille is located at the bottom of your fridge / freezer unit and allows air to circulate through the internal cooling s...
Part number : 2088868035
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Products per page:

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