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Electronics, PCBs & Capacitors for Tumble Dryers

The electronics in your tumble dryer are responsible for running the appliance, and help ensure its electrical functions and settings are implemented properly for each drying cycle.

Some of the electronics and related parts that are available for your tumble dryer include:

  • PCB: The printed circuit board or PCB of your tumble dryer controls all the electrical functions of the appliance.

  • Capacitor: Gives the motor in your tumble dryer a kick-start so it can begin to rotate the drum and start the drying cycle.

  • Electronic Earth: Situated in the rear of your appliance, the electronic earth protects you against electrical shocks or surges.

How do I find the correct electronics part for my tumble dryer?

Enter your tumble dryer’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is found on the rating plate which is typically located on your tumble dryer’s door frame.

Products per page:
Tumble Dryer Contact Brush - 1125388106
If you require a replacement contact brush for your tumble dryer, this could be just the part for you.
Part number : 1125388106
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Tumble Dryer Switch - 1125375004
This switch is placed behind the knob of your dryer. A faulty switch will mean that wrong function will be selected, or rather, no functi...
Part number : 1125375004
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Condenser Dryer White 3-Way Motor Pump Cover - 1123520007
If there are cracks or splits in the cover for the 3-way pump in your tumble dryer then it may cause it to become exposed to harmful leak...
Part number : 1123520007
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Tumble Dryer Mains Cable with Connection Box - 1125389120
Having a damaged connection box will likely mean your dryer won't start up. This replacement connection box fits at the rear of your drye...
Part number : 1125389120
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Tumble Dryer Carbon Brush Holder - 1120991029
Carbon brushes require a support or holder to keep the brush held securely to the motor. A damaged brush holder could cause the motor in ...
Part number : 1120991029
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Tumble Dryer 2uF Relay Capacitor - 1250020813
The job of the capacitor is to initiate the motor in your tumble dryer. So, if power is going to the motor and the drive belt is in good ...
Part number : 1250020813
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Tumble Dryer Carbon Brush - 1250057203
The carbon brush is always in constant contact with the motor inside your tumble dryer and will wear down over time. Prolong the life of ...
Part number : 1250057203
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Tumble Dryer Electronic Board - 1125380145
If some or all of the electrical parts in your tumble dryer are malfunction, the likely culprit is the control board. This replacement pa...
Part number : 1125380145
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Dishwasher Capacitor - 8996461337306
The capacitor is an essential part for the functioning of your dishwasher. Motors won't start on their own so capacitors are used as a bo...
Part number : 8996461337306
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Tumble Dryer Temperature Sensor - 1254041005
If you've noticed the tumble dryer has over-heated, then it could be a fault with the probe. The sensor probe acts as a safety for the el...
Part number : 1254041005
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5mF Tumble Dryer Motor Capacitor - 1250020516
If the motor on your tumble dryer isn't starting, it is likely that the capacitor is damaged. Replacing it with this 5mF capacitor could ...
Part number : 1250020516
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Tumble Dryer Power Cable - 3792818019
Ensure that your tumble dryer gets the correct supply of electricity with replacement mains power cable with filter. If you have broken y...
Part number : 3792818019
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Tumble Dryer Sensor Brush - 8996470716300
This replacement brush fits inside the drum of your tumble dryer and is for sensing moisture. If yours is faulty then your dryer may eith...
Part number : 8996470716300
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Tumble Dryer Carbon Brush Holder - 8996470716805
Carbon brushes are a very commonly replaced spare for all types of appliance motors. They require a support or holder to keep the brush h...
Part number : 8996470716805
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Dryer Configured Printed Circuit Board - 973916096202007
The printed circuit board (PCB) is the electronic command centre of your dryer. This PCB comes configured.
Part number : 973916096202007
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Tumble Dryer Configured Circuit Board - 973916096092028
If some, or all of the electrical parts within your tumble dryer are malfunctioning, then the likely culprit is the circuit board. This r...
Part number : 973916096092028
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Tumble Dryer Capacitor - 1506651023
The capacitor is an essential electrical component within your tumble dryer and is responsible for starting the motor which rotates the d...
Part number : 1506651023
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