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Care & Maintenance for Air Conditioners & Cleaners

It’s important to regularly clean and sanitise your air conditioner or cleaner to ensure it remains efficient, hygienic and in good working condition.

The products below can help you keep your appliance properly cleaned and maintained, and also includes:

  • AirCo All-In-One Hygeniser, Deodorizer and Detergent Spray: This spray helps sanitise and deodorise the air, and can be used in conjunction with your air conditioner or cleaner.

These universal cleaning products are safe to use with any air conditioner or cleaner model.

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AirCo All-In-One Hygeniser, Deodorizer and Detergent Spray - 9029794261
Air Conditioner Hygeniser sanitises and deodorises ensuring you’re always breathing pure air. For use both in the home and car.
Part number : 9029794261
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Products per page:

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