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Housing & Casing for Air Conditioners & Cleaners

The housing and casing components of your air conditioner or cleaner are designed to protect the internal components from damage while carrying out specific functions.

Some examples of the housing and casing parts available for your air conditioner or cleaner include:

  • Front Panel: Situated at the front of the air conditioner or cleaner, and may include a vent grid through which air is released.

  • Bracket: Secures your air conditioner or cleaner to the wall.

  • Remote Control Housing: Provides a safe, secure and convenient place to store the remote control for your air conditioner or cleaner.

How do I find the correct housing and casing parts for my air conditioner or cleaner?

Enter your air conditioner or cleaner’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is found on the rating plate which is typically located near the vent of your air conditioner or cleaner.

Products per page:
Air Conditioner Reactor Filter Cover - 4055112975
Ensure your filters are properly protected and able to function properly with this replacement reactor filter cover.
Part number : 4055112975
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Air Conditioner Remote Control Holder - 4055221008
This housing is for your air conditioner's remote control and keeps it safely protected and stored in one place. If your remote control h...
Part number : 4055221008
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Air Conditioner Air Outlet Pipe Tie - 4055114914
This tie helps to connect the air outlet pipe to the exhaust duct on your air conditioner. If yours is cracked or damaged, a replacement ...
Part number : 4055114914
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Air Conditioner Exhaust Duct Connector - 4055217865
This connector ensures that the exhaust duct is securely connected to your air conditioner unit. If your duct connector is cracked or bro...
Part number : 4055217865
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Air Conditioner Window Panel Seal - 4055217899
This gasket can be found around the window panel on your air conditioner unit. If your seal is worn-down or split, this replacement part ...
Part number : 4055217899
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Air Conditioner Water Tank Assembly - 4055147930
Part number : 4055147930
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Air Conditioner Right Hand Side Panel - 4055147963
Part number : 4055147963
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Air Conditioner Control and Display Board Cover - 4055148110
Ensure the control and display board in your air conditioner is protected from dusts and leaks by replacing the cracked or loose cover th...
Part number : 4055148110
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Air Conditioner Top Cover Assembly - 4055147955
Part number : 4055147955
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Air Conditioner Rear Panel Window Seal - 4055217881
This is the rear window sealing that fits in your air conditioner. If you've noticed yours is damaged and need a replacement, then this m...
Part number : 4055217881
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CAP,WATER DRAIN - 4055147989
Part number : 4055147989
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WHEEL - 4055147997
Part number : 4055147997
See Details
CHASSIS - 4055148003
Part number : 4055148003
See Details
SHELL - 4055148177
Part number : 4055148177
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PANEL,MIDDLE - 4055217667
Part number : 4055217667
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Part number : 50283223001
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Part number : 50283224009
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WHEEL,UNIVERSAL - 4055218046
Part number : 4055218046
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BAR,SUPPORT - 4055218087
Part number : 4055218087
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Part number : 4055218236
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Products per page:

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