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Knobs & Controls for Air Conditioners & Cleaners

If the knobs or controls of your air conditioner or cleaner are damaged or missing, it can make it difficult to adjust settings and functions. Here you will find a range of items – from remote controls to electric boards – to help you operate your appliance properly.

Some examples of knobs and controls for your air conditioner or cleaner include:

  • Control and Display Board: Displays and allows you to control the settings of your air conditioner or cleaner.

  • Internal Electric Control Box: This is the internal unit that sits behind your control and display board, and is responsible for the control and functionality of your air conditioner or cleaner.

  • Remote Control: Allows you to remote operate your air conditioner or cleaner.

How do I find the correct knob or control unit for my air conditioner or cleaner?

Enter your air conditioner or cleaner’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number is found on the rating plate which is typically located near the vent of your air conditioner or cleaner.

Products per page:
Air Conditioner Remote Control Holder - 4055221008
This housing is for your air conditioner's remote control and keeps it safely protected and stored in one place. If your remote control h...
Part number : 4055221008
See Details
Air Conditioner Battery - 4071394250
Keep your air conditioner working fault-free during those hot days with this replacement battery.
Part number : 4071394250
See Details
Control Knob Spring Clip - 3051021016
One of these spring clips sits behind each of the control knobs on your appliance.
Part number : 3051021016
See Details
Air Conditioner Control and Display Board Cover - 4055148110
Ensure the control and display board in your air conditioner is protected from dusts and leaks by replacing the cracked or loose cover th...
Part number : 4055148110
See Details
Air Conditioner Electric Control Box - 4055148185
Ensure you can control your air conditioner properly with this replacement external electrical equipment assembly.
Part number : 4055148185
See Details
Air Conditioner Remote Control - 4055221586
This is a replacement remote control for your air conditioner. As the remote control helps you operate your air conditioner, it can becom...
Part number : 4055221586
See Details
Air Conditioner Remote Control - 4071423257
Part number : 4071423257
See Details
Air Conditioner Remote Control - 4055217907
This remote control allows to remotely operate your air conditioner unit. If you have lost or broken your remote control, this spare part...
Part number : 4055217907
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Products per page:

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