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Find Accessories for Mixers & Blenders

Here you will find a range of different accessories to help you get the most out of your mixer or blender.

From mincer discs and fruit presses, to dough hooks and meat grinders, here are some popular mixer and blender accessories available:

  • Extra Bottle for Sports Blender ESB 2400: Enjoy delicious, healthy smoothies wherever you go with this additional bottle for your sports blender.

  • White Mixer Scraper: This white plastic scraper allows you to easily scrape the contents from the sides of your mixing bowl.

  • Food Processor Cylinder Grater: This cylindrical attachment for your food processor is ideal for grating your food.

How do I find the correct accessory for my mixer or blender?

Enter your mixer or blender’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.


Products per page:
Food Processor Cylinder Grater - 108627027
This cylinder food processor attachment is used specifically for grating.
Part number : 108627027
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Hand Blender Attachment - 4055058616
This is the main blender attachment for your hand blender. It is manufactured in metal and comes complete with the blade.
Part number : 4055058616
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Handheld Blender Dough Hooks - Pack of 2 - 4055194593
If you've misplaced one or both of your blenders dough hooks, then these spares are exactly what you need.Pack of 2
Part number : 4055194593
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Handmixer Beater - 4055076246
This is a replacement beater for your food mixer. If you have lost or damaged yours, this could be just what you're looking for.
Part number : 4055076246
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Food Mixer Beaters - 4071319703
This is a set of two replacement beaters for your food mixer. If you have lost or damaged yours, this could be just what you're looking f...
Part number : 4071319703
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Complete Juice Container - 4055256046
This replacement juice container is for your electronic juicer and is perfect if yours has been damaged.
Part number : 4055256046
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Assistent Dough Hook - 4350781011
Let your Assistent take the hard work and mess out of making homemade bread by using the dough hook attachment for your Assistent. The do...
Part number : 4350781011
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Assistent Citrus Fruit Press - 9191907014
Have fresh and healthy juice on demand with the citrus press attachment for your Assistent.The citrus press includes:Citrus pressJuic...
Part number : 9191907014
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SBEB 2 - Sports Blender Extra Bottles - 9001681692
Sports Blender Extra Bottles - Healthy smoothies for the entire family. The extra cups are made out of: tritan co-polyester: shatter-resi...
Part number : 9001681692
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Julienne Style Disc Cutter for Easy Compact - 9001672295
Let your Easycompact food processor do the work when it comes to food prep in the kitchen. This julienne cutting disc allows you to make ...
Part number : 9001672295
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Assistent Cookie Attachment - 4000396004
The Assistent cookie attachment allows you to make professional looking short crust pastry and cookies at home. This is an accessory for ...
Part number : 4000396004
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White Sausage Fill Pipe - 4000492050
Make your own sausages with this fill pipe attachment. The tube is easy to clean and is a great accessory for your food mixer.
Part number : 4000492050
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Blender Slicer for Fries Attachment - 4055028114
Ensure you always have a full set of attachments with this replacement spare for slicing fries.
Part number : 4055028114
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White Mixer Scraper - 103385035
This scarper attachment has an arm which extends from the centre, to the sides of the mixing bowl, to scrape contents from the sides of t...
Part number : 103385035
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Assistent Mincer Disc 6mm - 4350423002
An alternative mincer plate for use with your Assistent mincer. The disc has 6mm diameter holes which produces a courser ground than the ...
Part number : 4350423002
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Assistent Mincer Disc 4.5mm - 4350523009
A replacement mincing plate for your Assistent mincer. The disc has 4.5mm diameter holes for a medium ground and comes as the standard mi...
Part number : 4350523009
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Extra Bottle for Sports Blender ESB 2400 - 9001676551
Healthy smoothies for the entire family. Grab an extra cup for your sport blender that you can bring healthy drinks wherever you go. The...
Part number : 9001676551
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Blender Beater Drive Unit - 4055165569
If your whisk beaters keep dropping out of the unit, or they won't spin, you may need to replace the drive assembly; fortunately, replace...
Part number : 4055165569
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Handheld Blender Beater with Drive - 4055168910
This attachment is both the drive and the beaters for your handheld blender. Together they allow you to easily beat egg whites and whip c...
Part number : 4055168910
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