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Find Housing for Mixers & Blenders

Damaged housing can affect the stability and appearance of your appliance. Fortunately, these replacement parts are available to help your mixer or blender look its best again.

Here are some examples of housing parts we have available for your mixer or blender:

  • Food Processor Bowl Cover: This replacement plastic cover fits over the bowl of your food processor.

  • Food Mixer Arm Adjustment Knob: This grey plastic knob allows you to adjust the arm of your food mixer.

  • Blender Transparent Feeder Lid: This lid fits over the feeder at the top of your blender and prevents food escaping when the appliance is in use.

How do I find the housing part for my mixer or blender?

Enter your mixer or blender’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.


Products per page:
Blender Shaft Driver - 114090004
This replacement part fits directly underneath your blender jug. It connects parts together and ensures your attachments are turning corr...
Part number : 114090004
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Food Blender Tappet Lid - 4071353637
This is the tube lid that fits over the feeder tube of your processors lid. If yours is split and foods are spilling out, then this spare...
Part number : 4071353637
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Blender Electronic Control Card - 4055046413
The electronic card in your appliance is the main source of control. A faulty part will result in your blender malfunctioning, or not wor...
Part number : 4055046413
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Mixer Container Cover - 4055255592
If you have lost or broken the cover your stand mixer container, you can simply have it replaced. This spare part inserts simply into pla...
Part number : 4055255592
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Food Processor Timer - 4351131000
Monitor your food preparation time with this replacement food processor timer. This timer is controlled with one of the knobs located on ...
Part number : 4351131000
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Food Processor Bowl Cover - 4351481009
This is the cover for your food processor bowl. If yours has been lost or damaged it can easily be replaced.
Part number : 4351481009
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Blender Jug Lid - 4006087698
If you have broken the lid to the mixer jug on your blender, this replacement is just what you need.
Part number : 4006087698
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Blender Base Upper Joint - 4055082715
This is the upper connecting joint that fits on the base unit of your blender. A loose part could leave the jug loose and your appliance ...
Part number : 4055082715
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Food Processor Internal Cover Disc - 4071318846
This circular plastic cover is located in the mixer jug, beneath the lid.
Part number : 4071318846
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Minihacker Top Part Holder - 4055083200
This is the top housing of your minihacker that houses the knife assembly. If your part is damaged, and the blade keeps coming loose, the...
Part number : 4055083200
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Blender Drive Belt - 4055046389
A snapped or loose drive belt in your blender will prevent the attachments from turning and doing their job. Fortunately, replacements ar...
Part number : 4055046389
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Blender Lid Tappet - 4071318507
This is the cylindrical lid for the lid assembly on your blender. It prevents any liquids spilling out if you're making sauces.
Part number : 4071318507
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Food Mixer Complete Electric Knob - 4055259156
If the knob on your food mixer has been damaged, this replacement electric knob assembly could be just what you need.
Part number : 4055259156
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Part number : 4055259214
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Part number : 4055259248
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RUBBER FOOT - 4055255741
Part number : 4055255741
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Products per page:

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