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Find Jugs & Bowls for Mixers & Blenders

Broken jugs and bowls can be dangerous to use and may also allow food to escape your mixer or blender during operation.

Here are some examples of replacement jugs and bowls available for your mixer or blender:

  • Complete Blender Mixer Jug: This is a complete replacement mixer assembly, including the jug, handle, lid, and shaft unit.

  • Hand Held Blender Container: This replacement container for your handheld blender comes complete with the blade and cover.

  • Minihacker Blender Jug: If your minihacker blender just has cracked, allowing food to escape, this replacement may be just what you need.

How do I find the correct jug or bowl for my mixer or blender?

Enter your mixer or blender’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.


Products per page:
Blender Jug - 4055012720
Your blender jug withstands a lot of use over the course of many years. Perhaps you are replacing yours as it is broken, or simply becaus...
Part number : 4055012720
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White Small Blender Jug Lid - 4001382011
This is the smallest lid that fits into the complete lid assembly on your blenders jug. This is easy to misplace, but we have the replace...
Part number : 4001382011
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Replacement Blender Jug - 4055167789
If you've got a crack in your blender jug and your products are leaking out the sides, this replacement bowl is the perfect spare for you...
Part number : 4055167789
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Blender Lid Assembly - 4071318515
A broken lid will mean you will be unable to use the blender part of your food processor. Luckily, it couldn't be simpler to replace....
Part number : 4071318515
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Minihacker Blender Jug - 4055058715
Has your minihacker jug split over the years of use? Maybe it's time for a new one before it cracks entirely, and fortunately for you, th...
Part number : 4055058715
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Complete Juice Container - 4055256046
This replacement juice container is for your electronic juicer and is perfect if yours has been damaged.
Part number : 4055256046
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Complete Blender Mixer Jug - 4055028155
This is the complete replacement mixer assembly for your blender unit. It comes with all parts like the jug, handle, lid and shaft unit....
Part number : 4055028155
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Handheld Blender Jug Replacement - 4055058574
If you accidentally dropped your blenders jug whilst giving it a clean and its cracked, no need to worry, replacements are available for ...
Part number : 4055058574
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Hand Held Blender Container - 4055176491
This replacement blender container comes complete with blade and cover so if yours is broken, replace it.
Part number : 4055176491
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Assistent Liquidiser/Blender - 4001420068
The blender attachment for your Assistent allows you to blend and liquidise food. The strong blades allow you to blend ice and nuts with ...
Part number : 4001420068
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Blender Knife with Container - 4055248480
This is a complete knife and container assembly for your blender. If your container has become cracked or broken, or your knife isn't cut...
Part number : 4055248480
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Blender Jug - 2198483048
Don't let a cracked or broken jug stop you from making delicious soups and smoothies in your blender. This replacement jug can easily all...
Part number : 2198483048
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Blender Complete Glass Jug - 4055286027
If the glass jug for your blender has become cracked and unsafe to use, you may need to get it replaced. Fortunately, this jug complete w...
Part number : 4055286027
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Part number : 2198868057
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CONTAINER,SMALL,(E)KM4000 - 4055255733
Part number : 4055255733
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Products per page:

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