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Find Seals for Mixers & Blenders

Seals, or gaskets as they as are sometimes referred to, provide an air-tight barrier between your mixer or blender parts to prevent leakages and damage.

There are many types of seals available. Here are some examples of common seals and where they can be found in your appliance:

  • Blender Motor Seal: This gasket provides a protective seal around the motor in your blender and helps to secure it in place within your appliance.

  • Blender Knife Seal: If the blade in your blender jug has begun to wobble or come loose, this this replacement circular knife seal may be just what you need.

  • Blender Cover Seal: This seal is for the cover of your blender and ensures there’s a tight seal between the lid and jug of your blender.

How do I find the correct seal for my mixer or blender?

Enter your mixer or blender’s Product Number (PNC) into our part finder on the left. The Product Number can be found on the rating plate of your appliance.


Products per page:
Blender Blade Unit Seal - 4071332268
This replacement M2600 seal is located just below the knife blade in your blender jug. If it is worn or damaged you may find that liquid ...
Part number : 4071332268
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Blender Knife Sealant - 4055083143
If you've noticed the blade is wobbly in your blender jug, or it has come completely loose, then it's likely the circular seal has worn o...
Part number : 4055083143
See Details
Blender Motor Seal - 4055082756
Has the seal on your blenders motor worn down? This spare part will do the trick to securing the motor in place and having everything run...
Part number : 4055082756
See Details
Blender Lower Circular Seal - 50299883004
This is the circular seal that fits at the base of your blender. If you've noticed yours is worn or split, and it's causing leaks to seep...
Part number : 50299883004
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Products per page:

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