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AquaSense ™ with the innovative Pure Advantage ™ filter technology provides you with clean filtered water in no time, but also ensures that your tap water tastes great. Find our selection of jugs and filter packs below.

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So why buy from us?

"AquaSense™ with the PureAdvantage™ filter contains 3M purification technology to ensure high quality filtration. PureAdvantage™ uses an advanced filtration technology filtering tap water in 4 steps. The filter reduces limescale (carbonate hardness), substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine and organic impurities. It also reduces certain heavy metals (like copper and lead) plus pesticides.

This filtration technology provides faster filtration than any other traditional water filters with the same high performance. It takes approximately 2 minutes to filter 1.0 l of water using PureAdvantage™. Each filter achieves a filter capacity of approximately 150 litres of tap water and should be regularly changed (after 30 days) for optimal performance."

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Water Filter Jug AquaSense™ 1.6 Litre Ice White

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Water Filter Jug AquaSense™ 1.6 Litre Ebony Black

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Water Filter Jug AquaSense™ 1.6 Litre Love Red

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PureAdvantage™ Filters x6 for Aquasense™ Water Filter Jug


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