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Welcome to the official Tricity Bendix website for spares and accessories. Electrolux supply all Tricity Bendix appliance spare parts and accessories, such as cooker hood filters and oven elements.

To find your genuine spare part for your appliance, you need your appliance’s product number (PNC). If you can’t find the PNC, you can buy a generic part or use our top appliance table which includes the Tricity Bendix Dorset.



Tricity Bendix Cooker Spares

The most commonly replaced parts on your cooker are the oven lamps, heating elements, thermostats, timers and control knobs. The Tricity Bendix Electric Cooker is known for quality and it is very easy to replace spare parts on all models.

Cooker Knobs

One of the easiest parts to replace is the Tricity Bendix cooker knob. In the Electrolux web shop you will find all variants of style and colour of hob, grill and oven timer knobs


Heating Elements

It is easier than expected to replace your Tricity Bendix heating element and it will prolong the life span of your oven. The oven heating elements are relatively simple to replace and you are assured to get the correct element when you search with your PNC number on the website.


Replacing the Oven Lamp

When replacing the bulb, most manuals recommend you to buy a 300C 25 watt small Edison Screw with part number 572 491 5431-00/1. However, this specific part number is not being produced anymore and you should instead buy the E14 25 Watt Oven Lamp. This Oven lamp is universal light bulb.

Light Bulb Terminology Explained
300C: 300C is the maximum temperature in Celsius the light bulb is able to function in. Nowadays, these types of light bulbs referred to as Oven Lamps

Small Edison Screw: The old and long name for the code E14.

25 Watt: Commonly seen as the strength of the light bulb which determines how bright it will shine.  Correctly, the wattage is how much energy the bulb uses.



Tricity Bendix Dorset

One of the most popular cookers is the Tricity Bendix Dorset model which nowadays is considered a classic home appliance. To find the correct spare part for your cooker, you need the PNC number which you find on your appliance. If you can’t find your PNC, it is likely that you have one of the following top models’ PNC numbers:


Model Name Model Number PNC
Dorset ATB4411 94417103200
Devon ATB4511 94417103400

History of Tricity Bendix

Tricity and Bendix started as separate brands and both companies produced appliances.

The Bendix Corporation was founded in Australia and began producing washing machine in 1936. The company was known for starting production of the “automatic washer” and under the name Bendix Home Appliances it produced many types of appliances for over 80 years.

Tricity was a British company which is most known under the Tricity Bendix alliance have been producing appliances for over 80 years. Tricity specialised in improving reliability and performance of appliances and they became known under the brand Tricity Bendix for high-quality and low cost appliances. The most popular models in the UK are the Tricity Bendix Dorset and Tricity Bendix Strata cookers which can still be found in many homes in the UK.

Tricity Bendix was acquired by AB Electrolux in 1987 as part of the purchase of the white goods division of Thorn-EMI.  Since then all service of the appliances and sales of spare parts and accessories have been supplied by Electrolux.

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