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E53N PowerPlus, PowerMax Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Filter

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Genuine dust bags for Electrolux canisters BOLERO Z 5003, CE POWER ZCE 1800, 2200, FILIO Z 1905.1, 1905.2, 2940, 2950, 5305, POWER BOOST Z 6050, POWER PLUS Z 4410, 4411/S, 4412, 4430, 4431/S, 4432, 4435, 4490, 4491/S, 4492, 4494, 4495, 4499, POWERMAX Z 4520/ T, 4590, SAMBA Z 5002, TANGO Z 5001.

Our high quality bags have been specifically designed to fit your vacuum cleaner and maintain its best performance. The high grade material provides strong airflow and high suction power as well as a high filtration level and maximum dust retention.

For optimum performance of your vacuum cleaner, we recommend you change paper bags regularly and replace all filters at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled.

This pack includes 5x disposable paper dust bags and 1x micro filter.

Electrolux dust bags reference also known as E53.

Synthetic dust bags are available for these cleaners, reference ES53.

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