Save 20% on Electrolux Filters

All Electrolux filters for appliances, cooker hoods and vacuum cleaners.

Filters can be found in many of your appliances and they need to be replaced regularly. This basic guide will help you find the right filter for your appliance.

Filters promotion valid through 31st October 2018. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. Only valid on selected items while stock last. Electrolux Group reserves the right to update or modify the offer.

Cooker Hood Filters
You can replace all of your Electrolux cooker hood filters including carbon filters, grease filters and charcoal filters. Some of them even change colour when it is time to change.
Vacuum Cleaner Filters
Vacuum cleaners have many types of filters which are either specific to your model or generic to several brands like for example the s-filters.
Fridge Water Filters
Water filters remove bacteria and particles from the water source.
Air filters purifies the air circulating inside the refrigerator by absorbing odours and other particles
Water Filters
Buy Electrolux AquaSense water filter jugs with the innovative PureAdvantage filter technology.
Dishwasher Filters
To stop your dishwasher from clogging up with food debris or other objects, it is equipped with drain filters and fine filters.
Washing Machine Filters
Your washing machine has lint filters stopping fluff and other objects to cause blockages and leaks to your washing machine.