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he product decal can be in different places. Choose your type of product to see where you can find it:

The plate is highlighted in red

Model and product number (PNC) can be found on the product decal, a sticker affixed to your product

1. Product number (PNC) e.g. 914520402

Benefits of registering your product

  • Get a 40% discount on kitchen utensils in our web shop
  • Book a repairman online
  • Download associated documents
  • Check the status of your warranty
  • Get quick help

How long will it take?

You will be guided through three simple steps. It only takes a short while. It's even faster if you have your receipt in front of you.

What do I need?

Your product model or product number (PNC). You can find them on your purchase receipt, on the package or on the device's label.